Testimonies from Student Parents

Winston Tang
I originally started my Martial Arts training to support my daughter, Lauren, in her Taekwondo classes and also to learn self defense techniques. What started as a 3 month experiment became an incredible 3 year journey that has led to many rewards including physical fitness, increased self-awareness, and new friendships.

I have also found that Taekwondo training has increased my physical strength and endurance and has improved my overall concentration. Training with my daughter has allowed us to build a stronger relationship and has also taught me to be a better student, teacher, and parent.

Van Petheriotis
As a young child I always wanted to join Taekwondo but I was involved in other sports and I didn't have the time to learn Taekwondo. Thirty years later, I find that while I still don't have the time, I have a reason - my daughter Alli.

Martial arts has enhanced my life in some significant ways. It's improved my mental focus and physical abilities. It has also brought something into my life that I can share and participate in with my daughter.

How to be a Black Belt Parent

Our Staff of Instructors are committed to increase your child's level of concentration and confidence. It is not necessary that parents watch all classes. The child must learn to concentrate, which is sometimes difficult when parents are in the room.

Safety and Audience Viewing


Belief - The Power to Reach Black Belt

Parents, help your children by showing how much you believe in them. We all know that in order to succeed in life, we must first figure out what we want to accomplish. For students, that is the realization that they can make it to Black Belt with the guidance of our insturctors. After they set this DESIRE as a goal, it is important for everyone involved to demonstrate how much we believe in their decision.

Many of us have accomplished far more than we ever imagined just because of a parent, friend or coach who said they BELIEVED in us! Lets do the same thing for your children. It is easy to point out to them where they didn't look 'good', but it is a whole other story complimenting them on all the 'right' things they did. This is one of the key concepts of our teaching approach.

Please help reinforce this teaching principle by helping your child focus on all the positives they accomplished in a class or graduation.

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